Whole Sky Yoga (WSY), established in 2014, is an open resource for non-judgmental, self-exploration and development through yoga. We strive to provide a professional yoga experience and a reliable, diverse class schedule. Our team of 8-12 expert instructors are delighted to offer 30+ weekly classes in a variety of yoga styles. Also, WSY provides educational workshops and special events (link to workshop page), customized individual instruction (link to custom yoga page). Our beautiful studio nestled in the quaint hamlet of High Falls, NY is spotless and welcoming.


Totally new to yoga? Let us introduce you to the practice in a way that is clear, grounded, and accessible.

Already a seasoned yoga practitioner? We can help you to deepen your commitment and establish an expanded personal practice.


The classes are a perfect balance of movement and mental focus!” – Maria V.


“This is the best thing that has happened to me this year in terms of taking care of myself! The instructors and variety of classes suit my needs.” -Nancy S.


“Sara has the ability to put her students at ease while pushing them to their personal best. Her instruction is clear and responsive to the variety of levels in class. She has created a very supportive community that is worth seeking out and becoming a part of.” Zoya G.