In Gaelic cultures, the beginning of May marks fertility. But while many of us appreciate the aesthetic gifts that nature bestows, those with allergies may not be so pleased with budding signs of life.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re likely familiar with ways to minimize culprits like pollen and dust. But in addition to using neti pots and avoiding respiratory triggers by staying indoors, yoga, too, can be an ally! Because of its link to stress-reduction, regularly practiced yoga asana already aids in allergy prevention by bolstering our immune systems, and according to specialists, there are specific yoga postures that might also be to our benefit when the pollen count goes up.

Opening the throat, chest and lungs:
Standing: Warrior One and Half Moon
On your back: Bridge and Fish

Clearing the upper respiratory tract / draining stuffiness:
Inverting: Shoulderstand and Plow

One bit of caution, however, for those inversions (and even our trusty downward-facing dog): Refrain from keeping your head down too long as the sinuses can get overloaded with pressure.

Namaste, everyone. May the clear air passages in me bow to the clear air passages in you!