We created the Whole Sky Yoga annual membership as a way for our students to be immersed in the practice and study of yoga throughout the year. In addition to more weekly classes, we are bringing several educational workshops and fun events to our ongoing schedule each month!

Here are the top three reasons why becoming a Whole Sky Yoga member is so beneficial:

Yoga practice provides benefits such as increased bone density, boosted immunity, allergy relief, digestive health, more restful sleep, lower blood sugar— just to name a few. In addition to the cornucopia of physical results, ongoing yoga also uplifts our emotional and spiritual wellbeing by teaching how to quiet the mind, reduce the fight or flight stress response, and to simply relax in difficult situations.

Becoming a member will encourage you to commit to your practice. This commitment will keep you accountable to your intention and regular yoga will also support this healthy habit! Yoga strengthens the willpower muscle in our mind. Every time we direct attention to the breath in yoga practice we are flexing our willpower muscle. Through practicing yoga, we access helpful life-tools such as discipline and perseverance in the face of challenges.

Student experience is hugely important to Whole Sky Yoga and our studio offers a wide variety of classes and teachers for your exploration and convenience. It’s our goal to encourage students to adopt a regular yoga practice and move beyond the occasional class. Making yoga and other joys a seamless part of your everyday life is something we encourage, and this is one of the reasons why we offer monthly-unlimited yoga for the most generous rate in the entire Hudson Valley. 

Please consider joining our growing group of members for $75 a month and gain unlimited access to more than 20+ weekly classes. Plus, you’ll receive 20% off of all our workshops and events! Let us know how we can support your decision, and we look forward to creating a meaningful and worthwhile yoga experience for you throughout the year!

We won’t be able to offer this rate forever, but those of you who commit as our core foundational members will be able to keep this rate indefinitely. We’ll never raise your rate. Thank you for your loyalty and kindness.

Commit in person or directly online here: I’m ready for a Whole Sky Yoga Year Membership